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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Snowflake Beads

Private collection

Please excuse the threads in this picture. I had not attached the beaded beads to anything, wanted the threads intact.

I had made a kit from (some place I am currently blanking on, they seem to no longer exist, but I will look for their name and post it), that was beaded friendship flowers. Making those got me going, and I made a bunch more using different kinds of beads. These are all vintage German pressed glass, and turned out quite lovely, but... I did not realize how rough the edges of the holes were and they frayed the thread. I had to go back and smooth out all the holes and remake them.

Cool thing is, I sent this picture to my father, and as a surprise he had postage made for me with the beads on them. I used them for my Christmas cards the next year. Really fun what you can do with US postage these days! And what you can do with beading!

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