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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Purple Plaid Rings

Private collection
This is just not a good representation of these rings, but here it is anyway. They are odd little things to begin with, but I liked them. I made them to go with the Purple Plaid Bracelet I made for myself (one of the few pieces I do not mind making over and over).

Unfortunately, I did not get documentation of them when they were new, so you can see they have some wear. I learned something important with these rings. Fire Mountain Gems (one of my favorite resources), does not mark which of their Delicas (c) are not colorfast. I know to stay away from any thing that says it is galvanized, but as you can see on the top ring, the purple bead has rubbed off and turned blue. I now seal the beads first, and that solves that problem.


Barbara said...

Adorable rings!

I don't work with seed beads, except occasionally as accents in larger pieces. Are there any other seed beads that are not colourfast (like the galvanised)? Do some companies mark the Delicas according to colourfastness or naught?

Thank you!

Tamara said...

Hi Barbara, I am glad you liked the rings, and thanks for visiting, and your question.

I thought I would answer you in the next post, so it is readily available to anyone interested!

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