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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Father sent me this great postcard he made. I want so much to make something that looks like this little creature.

It was funny, at the time he sent it, I was furiously working on the Basket for Dad's Eggs. That little basket was done in almost exactly the same jewel tones, as the frog in the picture. I told him I was working on it, and he would understand later. I am thinking that what I might try with this little guy, is starting with one of the childs rubber frogs. They take paint really well. I have made lizards that way, and then wrapped them in wire strung with beads. I would like the frog to be more solidly beaded than that, though.

If anyone has any ideas. leave me a comment. I will respond to all!

As I figure this out, I will post pictures of course.


Anonymous said...

You will figure it out! And when you do, it is bound to be gorgeous.

Tamara said...

Thank you anonymous! The support is appreciated.

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