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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Twisted Bangle in Purples

Private collection
A really fun bracelet, this is done on elastic with a herringbone stitch. It is two long strands that switch color schemes half way. They are then "knotted" together then joined at the ends.


egdone said...

I am EGDONE Iam from Antalya, Turkey. I am also interested in beadworks. But Iam terribly an amateur:) Your works are wonderfull. But I need some technique books ar others abour beadwork. Here I can't finn any more. Can you please help me. And can you also please my amateur blog? Thanks a lot.

Tamara said...

Hi Egdone, I went to your blog. You are not an amateur! Your work is gorgeous, and the photography is VERY well done. I would suggest that you try ordering from Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/ You do not need beginner books, so I would suggest any of the following
* The Beaded Garden by: Diane Fitzgerald
* Getting Started with Seed Beads by: Dustin Wedekind
* Beadwork Creates Beaded Rings by: Jean Campbell
* Beadwork Creates Beaded Beads by: Jean Campbell
* Beading with Herringbone Stitch (Beadwork How-To series) by: Vicki Star

I have some other suggestions, but I need to check on titles, I will post here, or email you from your blog

Everyone should check out Egdone's blog, it is really great.

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