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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trishalan Designs

I just found the greatest Blog. Trishalan Designs at trishalandesigns.blogspot.com. If you were interested in the Kumihimo post I did, take a look at her site. She does some amazing work! She has more braids than I knew existed.

Trish also makes some of the coolest bracelets I have ever seen. She calls them Wrist Cuffs (great name!) I believe they are quilted, she beads on them, and some have Kumihimo braids on them. They are made with her own hand-dyed fabrics, which are just gorgeous. I dare you not to want them all.

She also hand-dyes her own fibers. They are so luscious looking. I want every last one of them. I am dreaming of the things I could do with them. Much jewelry comes to mind, and I keep thinking of journals made out of the fabric with the fibers for the bindings.

Take a look, this woman is talented.

In an email to me, she said that she is getting a new Takadai from Japan, I am waiting anxiously for her so start posting what she makes.

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egdone said...

Dear Tamara,
Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your greetings about my works. You are very kind. I always want to hear your comments about my works. Lots of love.

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